This week's Top 5 new Facebook applications

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Apparently music community iLike is adding over a million new users a week, thanks to its Facebook application. That’s the power of social networking widgets right there. It’s no wonder there’s now over 1,200 apps available on Facebook.

Here’s this week’s pick of five that you might like to try.

1. Poker. Created by Real Dice, this lets you play proper multiplayer poker (for virtual cash) with other Facebook users. Shuffle up and deal! GET IT

2. Facebook Carpool. Save the planet by getting a lift to work. With the added benefit that you can check their profile out first to make sure they’re not a serial killer. GET IT

3. Hot Or Not. Find out how attractive you really are to other Facebook users. Or just goggle at pouting men/women in their scanties, obviously. GET IT

4. Daily Bible Verse. If the application above is giving you sinful thoughts, a daily Bible verse might help you stick to the virtuous path. GET IT

5. Friend Wheel. See the links between all your mates, on a nice Etch-a-Sketch type colour wheel. GET IT

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