PURE's DAB radios are top-notch for cricket fans


pure-dab-cricket.jpgI’d be a huge DAB evangelist if I could actually receive it in my house, which seemingly sits within an ancient voodoo magnetic radiation zone in Bishops Stortford that blocks DAB, Freeview and mobile reception.

As it is, I have to get my cricket fix by streaming Test Match Special over the internetweb. Still, if you’re a cricket fan looking to follow England this summer, and you don’t live in my house, a DAB radio is just the thing. PURE has three new DAB models launched in a co-branding partnership with radio station TalkSport.

There’s a portable radio, and two handhelds on offer. Thankfully, fellow Shiny blog The Googly has done the honours of reporting them, so head to its story for the full details.

PURE TalkSport DAB radios

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Stuart Dredge
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