Alba launches CRDAB301 DAB radio alarm clock for under £40


More budget technology from Alba, which has launched the CRDAB301 DAB radio alarm clock.

There’s nothing bold or radical here – this is simply a replacement for your existing bedside companion with a bigger choice of radio. That means DAB alongside FM reception – or if you want to go old school, you can opt for the buzzer to wake you up.

Other features include easy tuning, a large LCD display with bluer backlight and up to 10 presets. So nothing new, but at £34.99, sure to find a market.

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Dave Walker
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One thought on “Alba launches CRDAB301 DAB radio alarm clock for under £40

  • I have one and it has a software problem that causes the incorrect day (not date) to be recognised in 2008. This results in the alarm not working correctly on certain days.

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