Pricey Philips Pronto TSU9400 controls everything, everything!

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The Philips Pronto TSU9400 is so posh, it actually has a 640×480 television built into it. Controlling, well, everything which has an infrared receiver, yet via Wi-Fi, it claims it has zero line-of-sight issues. It also has a docking station through which it recharges its Li-lon battery. At $900 (!) it had better also control the toaster into coming upstairs with fresh toast — but those who spend thousands of pounds on their televisions and stereos may be willing to shell out for the One Remote To Bind Them All. (Also, given the way technology comes down in price, in five years they may be giving these away with each fill-up of petrol.) [GT]

Philips Pronto TSU9400 [via Technabob]

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