One For All Remote Control Extender – boost your clicking power


How do you fancy the option of flicking through channels when you’re not even in the room? You can with the One For All Remote Control Extender.

Yes, it sounds like the practical joker’s dream, but there are more practical uses – for example, if you want to hide away all your kit, rather than having it all on display under the TV or on top of a unit. If that’s you, the Remote Control Extender converts the Infra-Red (IR) signal from your existing remote control into radio frequency, allowing you to control your devices through doors, windows, floors and walls. Just replace one of the batteries in your remote control with the RF transmitter and place the receiver next to your devices.

It can control up to three different devices by plugging in the supplied Infra Red cord to the receiver and placing the three IR eyes on your devices. The transmitter can be used as both an AA or AAA size battery and comes with a built in battery charger. Available now and retailing for £29.99.

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