Web 2.0 Startup of the Day: iPling social network for iPhone


ipling.jpgThe weekend has seen the announcement of about 76 new services for iPhone users, many of which are basically websites looking to get a few column inches with a quick Safari-friendly redesign. However, iPling at least sounds interesting – its a location-based social networking service for iPhone users.

It works by colour-coding your interests, and then detecting when your phone is within range of someone whose own profile matches up. You can make contact via an anonymous text message, with all personal info kept secure until you trust that the other person isn’t a stalker.

It certainly sounds intriguing, anyway, although the announcement is a bit hazy about how exactly it works with the iPhone. Although surely iPhone users will be so wrapped up in their new device that they’ll be too busy to meet new people?

iPling website

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One thought on “Web 2.0 Startup of the Day: iPling social network for iPhone

  • I’ve been on iPling, and it certainly has potential- easy to use and uses mapping. The beta has a few bugs, but it’s worth a look.

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