10 things we learned from the US iPhone launch



It’s 1am here in the UK, and at the time of writing, there’s a bunch of happy iPhone owners in New York, and thousands of people still queuing in San Francisco. I’ve been liveblogging the iPhone’s launch night for several hours, so what have we learned?

  1. You can’t try to steal an iPhone on live TV and expect to get away with it.
  2. The iPhone’s camera is a bit rubbish.
  3. Not many people are willing to stump up cash for a smug performance artist to smash an iPhone to bits.
  4. iTunes servers might melt under the weight of people trying to activate their iPhones.
  5. Steve Jobs likes his sushi.
  6. Lots of people want to buy a second iPhone and stick it on eBay, but eBay isn’t letting them.
  7. Playboy already has an iPlayboy edition for iPhone.
  8. Even being a co-founder of Apple doesn’t get you out of waiting in line for an iPhone.
  9. If you’re an elected politician, your public get a bit arsey if you spend all day queuing up to get a new gadget.
  10. London is capable of holding a storming iPhone launch.
Stuart Dredge
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