Liveblog of the Apple iPhone launch: Part Two


iphone-uk-liveblog.jpgI’ve been liveblogging the iPhone launch all night, but much as I love everyone on the West Coast of America, I can’t prop my eyelids up with matchsticks any more to cover the launch there too.

There’s a few posts below, but the bulk of the liveblog is here.

12.58am: Right, that’s it for me: off to bed to dream of iPhones. Susi will be posting videos from Noo Yoik as soon as she gets to an internet connection, so check the Tech Digest homepage for those. Thanks for your attention – it’s been emotional. Well, doubly emotional for those of us who still don’t know when iPhone will go on sale near us :o(

12.56am: Loving this headline from Gizmodo Hungary: ‘3G iPhone Monday UK Announcement is Bollocks

12.51am: Forget unboxing. ifixit is going to be DISASSEMBLING an iPhone any minute now, live online.

12.47am: Apple and AT&T are already getting criticism from consumer watchdog The Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights. It’s not happy with two aspects of the iPhone: first, the battery, which users can’t replace themselves, and secondly the big contract cancellation fees.

12.42am: iPhone unboxing in glorious YouTube-vision (below). I like the running part at the start – they should have overlaid some music onto that bit.

12.40am: Gizmodo Australia says eBay is pulling iPhone listings within five minutes of them being posted. I wonder what the justification is.

12.35am: Ah, that’s better. Right, Apple has posted a PDF of the iPhone User’s Guide, which you can download here (via MacRumors).

12.31am: A new post, in the hope that it won’t take me five minutes to save each time I update it…

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