Sharp Shootin' Remote Control – take aim and switch


Some ideas just stink of genius. I mean, when the latest piece of reality nonsense comes on the screen, why should you be content with switching when you can do a spot of shooting.

Yes, with the Sharp Shootin’ Remote Control, you can point the gun at the TV, then fire to hop onto the next channel. No-one gets harmed, apart from the ratings. Compatible with most TVs, the Sharp Shootin’ Remote Control can control one function from your regular remote – channel down, volume up, power off – whatever you like. And when you press the trigger, you even get a comedy ‘fire’ button.

To set it up, hit a button on the gun, then press the button you want the gun to control on your regular remote and it the gun will mimic that function. And just so you really feel the part, the gun also comes with a sheriff’s badge. Nice touch.

It’s available now from Firebox, priced at £9.95.

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Dave Walker
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