At last: a LARGE remote control that you can FIND!


really_big_button_remote_control.jpgWhy oh why does everything have to get smaller? I’m getting older, as are my eyes. Remote controls, for which it’s a known fact get lost (and exponentially more so when Big Brother comes on the TV at volume 11), seem to be designed to cram ever more functions in ever smaller units.

Stop the madness!

Enter the Extra Large Big Button Remote Control (no, that’s its title – catchy isn’t it?).

It is 27cm in length, and each button is 2.2cm square. The 6-in-1 remote has been programmed to be compatible with major brands of TV, DVD players, satellite and cable receivers, and AV amplifiers, and contains a sensible array of common functions, plus extras such as Teletext and Fastext. It features standard setup codes as well as a built-in auto code search function.

The only thing it doesn’t seem to do, though, is to glow in the dark. Now that would be cool.

It requires two AA batteries, and costs £19.99. Trouble is, I can still see that slipping down the back of the sofa to join the “coins and fluff club”.

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