Colour-changing LED lamp with giant remote control



It’s a tad abnormal for the remote control for a gadget to be larger than the gadget itself, but it’s nearly the case with the Remote Controlled Dimmable 5W High Powered 1-LED Multicolor LED Light Bulb (actually, the name of the thing is nearly larger than the thing itself). The reason is, the bulb can be set to be any of 15 colours and 3 levels of intensity, and has 4 colour mode transformations for different strobing and spectral effects. Given it’s rated for 10,000 hours of use it sounds like a pretty good deal at $32, provided you don’t get drunk and decide to do an all-chromatic version of “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini”. It’ll make you sick, honest. (Your stylings, not the lamp. The lamp is your friend.) [GT]

Remote Controlled Dimmable 5W High Powered 1-LED Multicolor LED Light Bulb [via Slashgear]

Gabrielle Taylor
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