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orange_logo_small.jpgOrange has announced the launch of new European mobile roaming rates for its consumers. From 30th August 2007, it will cost 38p per minute to make a call while roaming, and 19p per minute to receive them – at least, in their “Europe 1” area.

Orange customers can check how much a call will cost while away, by texting “FROM [COUNTRY]” to 452 (PAYG) or 159 (Pay Monthly), and receiving a free-of-charge confirmation from Orange.

No doubt this new “transparency” on Orange’s part is in response to various initiatives by the EU and Germany to pull into line the high costs associated with mobile roaming abroad.

We’ve already reported that other major operators, including Vodafone, 3, and O2, have taken steps to lower or simplify their charges.

I have to wonder quite how simple Orange’s plans are if they need a “Director of Pricing” (Stephen Harris), to tell us that they’re committed to making calling abroad simple, transparent, and affordable.

You just know they’ll claw back revenue in other ways, and that it will probably hit everyone, even those who have never set foot abroad with their mobile phone (anyone who calls me while I’m abroad gets invoiced, thank you very much).


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