Streakr: Another vowel-challenged social network goes into beta

Web 2.0

streakr_logo.gifPrepare yourself for, a “web discovery tool and social networking site” that has just entered public beta (read “we’ll let people in but don’t blame us if it stops working”).

It appears to be Facebook meets MySpace meets Digg meets StumbleUpon meets… another irritating browser toolbar.

The system works once you embed the Streakr toolbar in your web browser, which you then use to rate sites with a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’. This links them to a personal profile page, and allows them to be shared on the social network.

The toolbar is supposed to suggest other web sites that you might find interesting, based upon their… erm, interests. Yeeees.

Streakr features include a fully customisable profile page, the ability to search for friends on other social networks, public comment boards, private email, photo gallery, and an MP3 player.

“Web 2.0 is all about discovering, creating and sharing, so we’ve built Streakr to reflect that. One click and you can find the hidden gems of the web; rate them and instantly share them with your friends,” said Neil Gould, Streakr’s co-founder and CEO.

The concept sounds interesting enough, but I wonder how it will fare up against the might of MySpace, the rapidly growing Facebook, and the steady popularity of Bebo, to name a few.

If you’ve got time for another social network, though, you can sign up for a beta account at

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