Cubes – Tetris-like fun for your mobile

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Let’s be honest, Tetris was and is the best way to kill time in those empty moments of bus and train travel. So it’s a safe bet that you’ll get some use out of Ojom’s Cubes on your mobile handset.

It’s a similar ‘falling block’ format – a cross between Tetris and that old Sega favourite, Columns, with a quirky backdrop of piracy on the high seas as you seek out your buried treasure. Essentially, you need to drop sets of 3D coloured cubes into the sea in the correct sequence, making them explode to release the buried treasure and clear space for more cubes.

It sounds dull, but so do all the best puzzle games on paper. Available now, check with your mobile service operator of favourite games site for availability for your particular handset.

Ojom website

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