Sony effectively RAISES price of PS3 in Europe


starterpack.jpgFrom July 18, the only way you’ll be able to buy a PlayStation3 in the UK is as part of a new £425 bundle, including two games and an extra controller.

This is at least a better deal than the launch scheme, but with most UK retailers currently discounting a standalone PS3 to £399 and chucking in a free game themselves to try and shift the things, this new pack means you now won’t have that option any more. Buying a PS3 will be more expensive after next week.

Sony’s David Reeves, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe reckons “The exceptional value of the new Starter Pack will bring the excitement of PlayStation gaming to a much wider audience,” adding that PS3 has “stellar line-up” of games on the way.

By which he means Metal Gear Solid 4. In 2008.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Oh come on, how else are Sony going to pay for the US price cut? Be reasonable.

    Once again UK consumers are expected to subsidise American consumers. Every company does it, including – yes – those darlings of the inane fanboy community Apple and Nintendo.

  • The article is right unfortunatley.

    Before the bundle, it cost retailers £329 before VAT (or £399 including VAT)…hence they being forced to sell at cost price in order to remain competitive.

    The sad thing is, Sony were getting extremely angry about the whole situation of the console being sold under the £400 mark because they felt it was ‘devaluing’ it, to quote a high-level Sony figure.

    This new bundle costs retailers £415 including VAT, meaning that retailers are now only making a margin of £10, unlike the previous £25 they were making.

    Quite a few major retailers are angry because they’re seeing this as punishment for going under the £400 mark.

    And as for customers… well – Sony is now subsidising the losses in America with increased revenue over here by stealing from retailer’s margins.

  • Fanboy? I own all 3 current consoles…
    If we’re talking fanboy let’s take a look at the last piece of the ‘article’. Reeves mentions the line up of games coming and the author scathingly implies there is only one good game and that is not until next year.

  • It’s not opinionated, it’s the sad truth. Take off the fanboy glasses and you will see it yourself.

  • What an extremely biased and misleading opinion piece masquerading as news!
    Well done.

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