Zen Stone Plus – now with TravelSound speakers


Yesterday’s Zen Stone Plus announcement also mentioned there’d be an accompanying speaker set for the mini player – and here it is. The Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone docking speaker thing.

Powered by two AAA batteries – the really small ones – the Travelsound lasts a very impressive 20 hours. That’s one hell of a lot of annoying people you can do. It comes with a little retractable stand to you can pop it down somewhere, even though we all know it’ll mostly be held between the legs of aggressive youths on buses, happily playing R&B songs too loudly.

The TravelSound also works with the older Zen Stone, so if you’ve already blown your money on the previous model you’re still able to blast 50 Cent out at terrified old women. The TravelSound will cost £29.99.

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Gary Cutlack
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