BetsGoneWild to let Facebook users bet on Paris Hilton's fate

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paris-facebook-betting.jpgGeorge Bush is serious about stamping out Americans’ heathen love for online gambling. Services have been shut down, online betting executives have been arrested, and any US citizen even considering playing a hand or two of online poker will be bundled into an unmarked jet and airlifted directly to Guantanamo Bay. That last one’s draft legislation, obviously.

BetsGoneWild is taking a stand though. The company is launching a Facebook application allowing its 25 million American users to flagrantly bet on subjects as diverse as whether Paris Hilton will be mistreated in prison again, and whether the legal drinking age in the US should be lowered to 18.

But what’s this? The bets aren’t for real money, so are 100% legal? Tsk, it’s just a crafty PR ploy then. If BetsGoneWild really wanted to wipe the smirk off George’s face, they’d launch real-dosh Facebook betting, and promote it to every American child. And then donate 10% of their profits to Al Quaeda.

What are they, chicken or something?

BetsGoneWild website

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