Creative GigaWorks T20 speakers


Having a good desktop sound system has never been more important with the advent of music downloads, podcasts and better quality streaming. So enter Creative, with their new T20 speaker system, part of their award-winning GigaWorks range.

The GigaWorks T20 speakers deliver full-range stereo sound without the need for a subwoofer. Sound quality is refined by high-end dome tweeters and mid-range cone drivers and boosted by enhanced bass, courtesy of Creative’s BasXPort technology. The speakers incorporate separate controls for power, bass and treble, and a headphone port if you don’t want to annoy the rest of the house or office at anytime.

Small enough to work well with both PCs and MP3 players, you pick up some T20 speakers for around £80.

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One thought on “Creative GigaWorks T20 speakers

  • Anyone could post the exact dimensions of this system (I have seen at least 2 completely different informations, one being 2×83mmW×138mmD×230mmH) and of its loudspeakers (it seems around 1×1″tweeter +1×3″driver)? TIA,

    Versailles, Thu 4 Oct 2007 17:48:25 +0200

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