T-Mobile lets you play with proper phones

Mobile phones

t-mobile-demo.jpg250 of T-Mobile’s UK stores are getting posh new touch screen demo booths, designed to let buyers check out what they’re about to sign up to 18 months of.

These screens will also be linked to proper, working examples of the handsets you’re thinking of buying, so, for once, you’ll actually get a proper go on the new Nokia you’re thinking of getting, instead of just fondling a non-working dummy handset.

T-Mobile has also employed new staff, which are getting the awesome job title of “Retail Interactivity Champion” – someone who’s been properly trained in using the phones and their services.

Finally! Buying a phone might be about picking one you like and enjoy using, rather than just getting the one the pushy saleman tells you is best and has the most minutes.


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Gary Cutlack
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