T-Mobile first with flexible tariffs

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The battle for the mobile pound in your pocket shows no sign of receding, with T-Mobile launching what it sees as the latest leap forward with "Flext", Britain’s first flexible mobile tariff, which it claims will offer a high amount of across the board credit for a signficantly smaller monthly rate.

So how does it work? Well, if you sign up to one of the packages, for example, "Flext 35", it gives you £180 worth of inclusive value for a £35 month charge. You can spend your £180 value on either calls, texts or picture messaging. Weekly text from the company confirm how much you have spent and you can adjust your tariff every 6 months of your 18-month contract.

Good thing? Well, anything that offers more for your money and more flexibility has to be a good thing. And when one mobile company jumps, they all jump, so don’t be surprised if your mobile provider offers up a similar scheme in the very near future.

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Dave Walker
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