Shiny Media launches Scrumbag

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We are mainly footy fans here at Tech Digest but we do enjoy the odd bit of international Rugby Union. So forgive us for getting a tad excited about the launch of Shiny Media’s latest blog – that’s 17 if you are counting – Scrumbag.

Dedicated to the favourite sport of at least half of the SM team – Rugby Union – Scrumbag is a sharp, pointed and often very witty look at men, their odd shaped balls and the culture that surrounds them.

But in true Shiny tradition it is written by a largely female team with ace blogger Toni Kelly, a rugby fanatic for many years, at the helm.

Launched days before the start of the annual Six Nations competition Scrumbag will go where traditional rugby sites don’t dare venture offering forthright and controversial opinions on the game’s key issues. Toni and her team will also keep Union fans up to speed on where they can watch the games – both live and on TV – what the latest gossip on the players is as well as in true Shiny style offering the odd Rugger fashion tip and spotting the best Rugby bargains on eBay.

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