We want more Wi-Fi claims T-Mobile/You Gov survey


Not content with having wireless access in the home, many of us want Wi-Fi access on the move – whether we’re out working or bathing on the beach, according to a new survey by You Gov, in association with T-Mobile.

When those surveyed were asked where they would like more public Wi-Fi HotSpots, more than half wanted access Wi-Fi services on trains, with 37% calling for access at shopping centres. Nearly a third of respondents would like Wi-Fi access in parks, whilst over a quarter want access on the tube. Around 13% of respondents would also like to be able to surf the net whilst soaking up the sun at the beach. Hotels are apparently the most popular choice of location for accessing Wi-Fi services (42%), with cafes second most popular (32%) and airports third (29%). And it’s on the increase, with 45% using Wi-Fi for the first time in the last year.

Derek Williamson, Head of Business Marketing, T-Mobile UK says, "The research also clearly shows that such services need not be solely the domain of business. There is clear demand for personal use, there are clear examples of where people want to access such services, and here at T-Mobile we will continue to look at addressing these demands."

The research was commissioned by T-Mobile UK and undertaken by YouGov PLC. It was based on a study of 253 Wi-Fi users in the UK. The research was carried out online between 16th – 23rd August 2006.

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Dave Walker
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