Second Life festival and Playstations at Charles de Gaulle airport: the best stories from Shiny Media


secondlifefest.gif– Second Life is getting in on the festival action. It’s going to host an event at the end of June in association with The Guardian and Intel [Techscape]

  • And if you’re going to a RL festival and find yourself short of answers, the “Texperts” at 82ASK are launching a special offer which may help you [My Chemical Toilet]

  • The BBC has announced some juicy highlights for its HD viewers over the summer. If you like your music, you’re in for a treat [HDTV UK]

  • If you get stuck waiting for a flight at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, you might count yourself half-lucky. It will soon feature PS3 and PS2 consoles to soothe / inflame your aggression [PSPSPS]

  • The latest add-on for your Wii is a portable seven-inch LCD screen. As this post shows, not everybody thinks this is such a useful idea [Wii Wii]

  • A sure-to-be-disputed list of Top 10 videogame villains is available for your perusal, as the reviews for Overlord begin to come through [XBoxer]

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