Panasonic's new wheeze: a community for webcam pets

Web 2.0

uglydog.jpgIt’s a fact of Web 2.0 life that people are fascinated by their own pets, and don’t realise why everybody else isn’t. Witness all those cat videos clogging up YouTube, which are doubtless endlessly entertaining if you’re Tiddles’ owner, but are really very dull for the rest of us.

Panasonic is hoping to capitalise on pet pride with its new online community, though. It’s called SeeMyPetCam, and yes, it really is a site for people to upload videos of their pets to share the furry love.

Of course, there’s a commercial reason behind this: Panasonic is promoting the PetCam feature in its networked webcams, which let people monitor their pets remotely from a computer or mobile phone (i.e. get proof that their cat really is pooing in the kettle).

SeeMyPetCam website (not live yet)

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