eWine Match solves the food/wine conundrum!


ewinematch.jpgIt’s a nightmare working out the correct wine/food pairing, isn’t it? Especially after downing two bottles of cheap red at lunch time, when the mind turns to things other than cleverly combining woody flavours.

That’s where the eWine Match can help. You TXT MSG it the kind of food you’re planning on buying (“LRG KBAB N CHPS”) and it will text you back an ideally-matched wine choice.

“The system aims to help often overwhelmed consumers find a good match for their upcoming meal, whether it be as elaborate as Beef Wellington or as simple as frozen pizza” says the official release, which eWine Match does by checking its database of food flavours and wines and seeing which flavours match best.

So instead of just buying the cheapest you can find and drinking it as quickly as possible to make the evenings bearable, why not educate yourself in the ways of wine and food?

eWine Match is currently rolling out in America, where they need to be told to do a bit more than us.

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Gary Cutlack
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