RoamEO – GPS for your dog

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There’s some very old-fashioned technology that helps you locate your dog – a lead. But if you prefer to let your pet run free, you might want to invest in RoamEO.

RoamEO is a PDA-sized GPS unit that keeps a track of your dog if he bolts or doesn’t want to respond to your shouts and whistles. The device can keep track of up to three dogs simultaneously within one mile in any direction. Alternatively, you can set a ‘limit’ for your dog to roam around – when he or she goes beyond that, you’ll hear an alarm.

Or if you want to make sure your pet doesn’t do it again, there’s also a shock/voice command collar for when it wanders too far. Available now, the system retails for around £250.

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Via Crunch Gear

Dave Walker
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