Daily Tech Hotlinks for 20-June-2007: Google, eBay, Kutaragi, Toshiba, MySpace, Nintendo

Daily Tech Hotlinks

– The tension between Google and eBay? It culminated in two men from Google gate-crashing eBay’s recent party, and being escorted off the premises, undoubtedly off to discuss sellers’ fees etc.
– Yesterday was a momentous day in history, as it marked Ken Kutaragi’s last day as CEO for Sony’s game division. Time to buy a PS3, then, in celebration?
– A London businessman’s Toshiba notebook and desk underneath it burst into flames due to the faulty laptop battery, the third to do so in the Toshiba range.
– Aussie ‘battler’ Rupert Murdoch is in talks with Yahoo! to exchange MySpace in return for 25% stake in the company, and has also offered game network IGN to them as well.
– In further news of the bullshit-inclination, rumours are circulating that Nintendo will create $29 games for the Apple iPhone. The iPhone, which is a touch-screen. Yep, I’m sure Ninty will really want a direct DS competitor, hah.

Katherine Hannaford
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