PS3 Launch Special: Sony unveils new firmware update


ps3-hardware.jpgOne day closer to the PlayStation 3’s launch here in Europe, but over in Japan Sony has announced a new firmware update for the console, taking it to version 1.60.

As reported here yesterday, the update includes the client for Stanford University’s Folding@home research program, which uses your PS3’s idle processing power to conduct research into diseases including Parkinson’s, Alzeimers and cystic fibrosis. However, there are other new features too.

One is background download capability, while another is a full-size on-screen QWERTY keyboard for typing. The PS3’s browser will also be kitted out with a pinpoint zoom option, to match the Opera browser on Wii.

Sony will apparently be releasing the firmware update this Thursday (March 22nd) in the afternoon Japanese time. Assuming it’ll also be rolled out to European PS3 owners getting their consoles on Friday, it may be the first thing their PS3 downloads when they connect it to the internet – in the same way Wii automatically downloaded a system update on its launch day.

Sadly, there’s no sign yet of the rumoured music and movie downloads for the PS3’s online store, which were floated in advance of Sony’s GDC keynote speech earlier this month, but turned out to be false.

(via I4U News)

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