Sony's GDC PS3 speech leaks… allegedly

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ps3-gdc.jpgEavesdroppers, huh? What are they good for? Well, finding out secret-squirrel stuff about games consoles for starters.

GameDrift reports on a mole who listened in on Sony’s Phil Harrison rehearsing for his GDC speech this week, in which he’s expected to announce a swathe of new features that’ll be in the PS3’s next firmware update on March 8th.

Most exciting is PlayStation Lifestyle, which brings social networking and user-generated content to PS3, making the most of its connectivity. The source also claims Sony will announce that Sony Connect is being added to the PlayStation Store, allowing PS3 owners to buy music and movies through the store.

Other stuff: the PlayStation Store will be given a makeover, Metal Gear Solid 4 is coming out in late 2007, and from April Sony will be whipping its Emotion Engine chip out of PS3s in the US and Japan.

Is all this true? Who knows. But it’s certainly fun speculating about it. These things often work like Chinese Whispers though, with every blog that reports the rumour adding in something inaccurate or made-up.

Which reminds me, apparently Phil’s going to announce the PSP-Phone at GDC too. It’s got Wi-Fi and GPS inside, external surround sound speakers, and turns into a robot if you press X sixteen times while booting it up. Really.

(via GameDrift)

Stuart Dredge
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  • To Luke Re: “Good online improvments I liked it a year ago when it was called xbox live! Get some new sh** Sony!”

    Believe it or not there are many people who do not have an xbox & don’t want one, surprise! surprise! For those of us who own a ps3 it will be a welcome announcement.

  • Hi Jack, no offence meant – Chinese Whispers is still a common phrase over here in the UK – I’ve never heard the game called Telephone.

    Having just checked out Wikipedia – – I see the phrase might cause offence in the US. Rest assured that since this is a UK-based blog, that wasn’t the intention.

    So in answer to your question, no, I’m not “fuck’n racist”.

  • wtf, Chinese Whispers? Are you fuck’n racist? Was that comment necessary?

    Are British Whispers any better? Ever play telephone?

  • Good online improvments I liked it a year ago when it was called xbox live! Get some new sh** Sony!

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