PS3 Launch Special: Top 10 PS3 vids on YouTube

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It’s Monday, it’s snowing, and more importantly shops are STILL taking pre-orders for PlayStation 3, despite it being just four days before launch. Either Sony’s factories are staffed by ninja robots, or sales are disappointing – which you believe depends what kind of a fanboy you are, I guess.

Anyway, a video is worth a thousand words, even if they’re about ninjas. So check below for the ten best PS3-related videos on YouTube, to get you in the mood for launch day this Friday.

1. Home Sweet Home
Sony announced the Home virtual world for PS3 at the GDC show this month. I’ve waxed lyrical about it before here and here, but this video below – complete with suitably portentous voiceover – gives you a look at the world in action.

2. Ooh, it’s a bit like the PSP…
A detailed look at the PlayStation 3’s user interface, which is distinctly reminiscent of its little handheld brother. Introduced, as all gaming videos should be, by two slightly smug men in goatees.

3. Eggs Is Eggs
Slightly surreal? Check. Big white room? Check. Doesn’t show you any actual gameplay? Check. Yep, this ad fits all the criteria for ‘new console launch advertisement’…

4. Vroom Vroom!
MotorStorm, the best PS3 launch title (sorry if you’re getting bored with me saying this) gets put through its paces, with some proper in-game footage. And some hard rawk, obviously.

5. Smash The System
The same jokers who’ve previously smashed up Wiis and iPods in front of weeping fanboys, except this time it’s a PS3 in their sights. To a soundtrack of, er, Franz Ferdinand.

6. Metal Mania
Snake is back, and this time he’s… getting a bit old? Yes, the hero of Metal Gear Solid 4 isn’t the young buck he used to be, which is all part of the darker focus of this flagship PS3 game, due to be released later this year.

7. Picture Perfect
The photo viewing app on PS3 is more nifty than just splodging a bunch of thumbnail images on-screen. You can cue up an album, and then see your photos flutter onto the screen in a 3D slideshow.

8. Resistance Is Futile
The other essential launch game for PS3 is Resistance: Fall Of Man, which is a marvellous first-person shooter with up to 40-player online gameplay. For those of us who are, well, rubbish at this sort of thing, this video walkthrough of the first level will be invaluable.

9. The Anti-PS3 Song
One for the fanboys, this. The Wii fanboys, obviously. It’s a song about how crap PS3 is and why Sony’s execs are all going to hell in a handcart. Never mind the fact that it’s slightly rubbish emo, feel the satire. Or something.

10. Shop Till You Drop
The PlayStation Store has all manner of downloadable goodness for your PS3. This Gizmodo walkthrough introduces all the key features.

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