Apple special event coming in February? Could be the Leopard


leopard.jpgiPhones and Apple TVs aside, many Mac fans were disappointed that Steve Jobs didn’t announce anything to do with Mac computers or the next version of Leopard at Macworld 2007 last week.

Well, according to rebelMac, the rumours are circulating that an Apple Special Event could be held in February, and that could be the unveiling of OS X 10.5 (Leopard) with its special features turned on.

Vista is due out at the end of January, and they reckon that Apple coming second with a new kick-ass operating system will look very good.

Of course, such an event could also be used to show off some new Mac hardware.

Naturally we’ll keep you posted with any real information as and when it happens. We know Leopard is coming this year – exactly when is the crunch.


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One thought on “Apple special event coming in February? Could be the Leopard

  • It had better be Leopard. I’m currently holding off buying a new (Vista) laptop, to see what the new Mac OS version will deliver. I can probably delay my purchase until mid-February… but not much later. Apple, get your finger out, or I’m going to have to throw more money at Mr Gates. And neither of us particularly wants that.

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