Mac OS X Leopard New "Quick Look" Finder videos


leopard.jpg“Musings from Mars” has posted a couple of interesting videos of what is apparently a new feature in the next version of Mac OS X: Leopard. It’s called “Quick Find” and is supposed to enhance the Finder by giving more file preview features including full screen movie playback, PDF document browsing, slideshow of images, and other documents, plus an Exposé-style view of multiple document formats.

How final or even official this is I’m not sure, but it’s interesting to see a potential new feature of Apple’s next OS.

There are glimpses of some of these features in the current version of OS X. Hopefully we’ll get to hear of a lot more Leopard-ness in the coming months, so that not all the attention is pointed at Vista.

Apple’s official Leopard sneak peek

Andy Merrett
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