iPhone will sport mini OS X?

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iphonemockup.jpgThe latest rumours surrounding Apple’s much anticipated ‘iPhone’ is that it will contain a stripped-down version of Apple’s next OS X operating system – codenamed ‘Leopard’.

Well, provided the other bits of the rumour stack up into a real product, that’s not particularly surprising. After all, could you imagine Apple putting Windows XP, Palm OS or Symbian onto its own smartphone? I don’t think so (mind you, how many people said Apple would never go to Intel…)

Now, that would be a tasty phone if you’re already a fan of what OS X provides. Truly mobile communication with iChat, appointments on iCal, a full Mail app. Of course, it wouldn’t get a full Leopard in there – the processing power and storage space wouldn’t be big enough – but it’s an appealing thought.

Andy Merrett
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  • I wish Apple would hurry up because my phone is going south rapidly andI’m going to need a new one soon.

  • While that would be fantastic, can i ask for some links to make the story more substantial, I’m not finding much creditability at the moment.

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