Tech Digest 2006 interviews redux: Yahoo, Garlik, MTV


It’s been a great year for the tech-world. We would summarise what happened, but you can find it all podblogged on YouTube’s MySpace profile. Something like that, anyway. Instead, how about a reminder of some of the key interviews this year on Tech Digest? Starting today with Yahoo, Garlik and MTV.

ibrahim-small.jpgYahoo – Mecca Ibrahim
She’s in charge of Yahoo 360 in Europe, and Mecca talked to us about the blogging / social networking crossover, mobility improvements, and how blogs might be surfaced in Yahoo’s news output in the future. Read more

ilube-small.jpgGarlik – Tom Ilube
Scared of having your identity nicked by online fraudsters? Garlik was a brand new Web 2.0 service set up by some of the founders of internet bank Egg, to reveal what’s online about you, and what to do about it. Tom told us all. Read more

gambino-small.jpgMTV – Angel Gambino
How will social networking evolve as it transfers to mobile devices? MTV Europe’s Angel Gambino has plenty of ideas, and shared her thoughts on how Bebo and MySpace will translate to mobile, as well as MTV’s early efforts in the space. Read more

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