NASA and Google join forces to put data online


nasaGoogle.jpgGeek-favourite and solar-explorer NASA has signed a deal with (also) geek-favourite and search-powerhouse Google to archive vast amounts of it’s images and data online in an easy-to-search library. The plan is to make such excitement as interactive videos of the moon and Mars, as well as real-time weather visualisations readily available to the great unwashed; though it seems to be just the American public in the early stages unfortunately.

Chris C. Kemp – director of strategic business development at NASA’s Ames Research Centre – says that “NASA has collected and processed more information about our planet and universe than any other entity in the history of humanity”. This basically means that when the archive does launch eventually we can all expect many sleepless nights trawling though it’s seemingly limitless depths… If that’s your idea of a good time of course, it’s certainly mine.

NASA and Google press releases.

Via The Guardian.

John Connelly
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