CD Spool Into Toilet Paper Dispenser


I just threw out four empty CD spindles (who in high tech doesn’t accumulate towers of these things? They look like they should be useful but damnit, they’re recyclable garbage) and now I’m regretful, for I could’ve made the biggest one into a reusable toilet paper dispenser in five easy steps. You can even jazz it up to match your bathroom decor just by lining the transparent inside with something pretty or festive (leftover Christmas paper, perhaps). If you’re simply practical and wondering why you should bother: it’s a lot more waterproof and hygienic than your existing paper setup. If you’ve got kids with virus-encrusted fingers, or you’ve ever been so drunk that you’ve whizzed all over the bog roll, this is for you. [GT]

Recycle your empty CD holder into a reusable TP dispenser in 5 simple steps [via MAKE]

Gabrielle Taylor
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