Brits OK with CCTV so long as it's not aimed at their cars

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cctv.jpgA new survey conducted for ntl:Telewest suggests that Britons are in favour of using CCTV to fight street crime, but are less keen on it being used for observing motoring offences.

We’re often reminded that the average person is caught on CCTV camera once every five minutes, but despite this, 88% of the population are OK with this if the film is being used to help fight crime.

Only 58% of those surveyed were keen on cameras being used for car tax evaders, and 54% said they welcomed their use against speeding offences.

There’s also a gender split, with more women than men comfortable with CCTV being used on the road. 82% of women believed it should be used to help catch drunk drivers, compared with 74% of men.

Security monitoring has advanced in recent times, with the advent of IPCCTV (CCTV over the Internet) allowing high-resolution images to be sent directly to devices in police patrol cars and beat officers.

82% of those surveyed said CCTV should be used for car-related crimes such as theft, but only 30% supported its use for enforcing London’s ever-expanding Congestion Charge zone.

Andy Merrett
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