RightGift4Me website launches to banish the unwanted 'sock attack'


rightgift4me.pngWith surveys suggesting that, as a nation, we spend at least £1.2bn on unwanted Christmas presents, and probably a similar amount on other major occasions, a website claims that it can come to the rescue and banish socks and ‘smellies’ for good.

Many online shops such as Amazon have wish lists, but they’re tied in to the shop itself. Freelance marketer Angie Bent has come up with an independent wish list site on which you register a few personal details and then create gift wish lists that approved friends and family can see.

It can be used with any online store, and if you see something online that you like, you can simply grab an image and the web address and paste it in to your list, together with a price, and sizing/personalisation information if required.

You can also set up a ‘banned list’ of things that you don’t ever want to receive. Plus, for your altruistic side, you can specify a charity that you’d like people to make donations to in lieu of gifts.

Apparently the site is even being used for simple things like describing what sort of wine you’d like people to bring to a dinner party (though if you’re not able to say ‘red’ or ‘white’ to a few people and make them log on instead there’s something a little wrong)

It’s a free service, and though it might be a bit late for this Christmas, you might want to set up a 2007 birthday list.


Andy Merrett
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