AIC-AI Cookingrobot cooks and Robot Waiter 1 serves


We’re nearing a golden age for lazybones in the kitchen: the AIC-AI Cookingrobot prepares Sichuan, Shandong and Canton cuisines, meaning it can make spring rolls, Mongolian beef, fried wonton, and butterfly shrimp. It steams, bakes, broils, fries and sautés. While it costs $250k USD now (and is intended for fast food restaurants where speed and consistency of presentation, not artistry, are the skills desired), there was a time when we could say that about the horsepower provided by the old Pentium-III my fellas has for a doorstop now. But what if you don’t want to walk over to get the food after its done?

Why, then you need a Robot Waiter 1 to bring the food over to your table and drag your slothful carcass over there before the AIC-AI mistakes you for ingredients. The Robot Waiter 1 takes orders, guides guests to their table, and delivers the meal. Between the two of them and online grocery ordering, you could skip the rest of humanity altogether. [GT]

First Cooking Robot Cooks Chinese Fast Foods, Challenges Chinese Chefs | Robot Waiter 1 [via Technovelgy]

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