Website of the Day: Home made pipe organ


Today’s website of the day is Matthias’s home made pipe organ:

He writes:

It all began in the fall of 1992, in my final year of university. For lack of a better arts elective to take, I decided to take Music 111. I had absolutely no background in music at the time, and sometimes even had trouble telling whether two consecutive notes were ascending or descending. Nevertheless, I bravely decided to take the course.
As the course progressed, I discovered that some of this stuff was actually logical, and also kind of fun. I found myself using the piano room just to play around. I never cared much for attempting to play sheet music, but the idea of hitting keys and getting a sound that was sometimes harmonious was strangely appealing.

With my nonexistent music abilities, and my limited budget, I couldn’t justify buying myself a little Casio synthesizer or something like that. The only way I could justify owning a musical instrument was if I actually BUILT it.


Andy Merrett
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