More PSP accessories inbound


Only one month to go! Having suffered the
indignity of watching a Game employee tricking around on a shiny new PSP, the Sony enforced European delay seems all the more unfair. Fortunately
instead of sitting around grinding my teeth I can scout out even more fancy PSP
accessories so that at least we’ll all know how to kit out the handheld when it
finally arrives. We’ve already seen Radica and Logitech‘s
offerings and now we can eyeball some new blood. Logic3‘s selection is mostly focussed on sound improvements rather
than grips and protection. The Sound
and Sound System both aim
to boost the audio quality of the device without the need to fork out for
headphones; the Sound System provides a mains powered docking station as well, but
also runs on batteries.

The Sound Grip is also separately powered
but is designed to be much more portable and its sound boost will definitely
let all those would-muggers know exactly what you’re playing with. Logic3 has
also revealed a useful starter pack with the usual collection of carry case,
wrist grip, etc. More useful is its in-car charger and USB cable which must be
worth the £14.99 alone. Finally Logitech3 has promised a selection of diverse
chargers including a portable solar charger which will surely be a hit with our
Hippy Shopper readers.

The PSP Sound Grip is set to retail for a
reasonable £19.99 whilst the larger Sound System will cost £49.99 and each
comes with an included carry case. There isn’t any indication of a release
date, but I should imagine it will be immediately surrounding the launch of the
PSP in Sony’s little backwater market we like to call Europe.

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