Free Netguard service for NTL customers


Everyone loves free stuff, especially when
a company is bending over backwards to give it to you. There has never been a
particularly good reason to pay for internet security packages and NTL are further reinforcing that fact
by offering its customers £40’s worth of free Netguard
security. Having thrust the unsuspecting and inexperienced public into the
realm of broadband, it is small wonder that Viruses, Spam Email and general
Spyware have been the constant bane of many user’s lives. Netguard includes an
antivirus programme that updates every three hours just in case you forget it’s
there, and there’s also an included pop-up blocker which will stop insalubrious
webpages spitting out any herbal remedy offers that aren’t already blocked by
your browser or Yahoo/Google/MSN toolbars.

A bit less underwhelming is the spam
blocker Brightmail, but presumably
it will only work with an NTL email account; still, it will be provide a
sensible email address to provide to all those would-be spamming websites. Netguard
also offers secure form fillers, password managers and a privacy manager to
prevent hackers taking a look at those passwords. Best of all, if everything
goes horribly wrong you can get customer support from NTL which is something
that other free Antivirus software companies can not provide.

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