Arcam's expands DiVA range

Home cinema

Arcam reveal two new additions to the highly covetable DiVA range that are guaranteed to make friend and neighbours fall to their knees in envy. The AVP700 is the new pre-amp processor and there’s also the matching 7-channel 135W rms power amp, the AVP1000, that provides the sound boost. By separating the components into processing and amplification you get an enormous increase in sound clarity, neutrality and dynamics, although it does have the slight spatial disadvantage of taking up the space of two integrated amps. Arcam is using these new models to bridge the price gap between its slightly cheaper DiVA range and the premium FMJ selection and has also built them with the coming HDTV era in mind. For that reason, included features are 2-way HDMI switching as well as 3xHDTV compatible component which can be configured to support RGB.

On top of that you have a selection of composite and S-Video inputs and the unit will also helpfully convert these to suit the output you require, making it suitable to the most diverse home setup imaginable. The Arcam AVP700 will set you back £1,400 and the AVP1000 £1,600 and each will be available from the end of August. Sure £3,000 seems a lot to spend on amplification alone but if you want to tackle the HDTV evolution head on, it stands to reason that you should have the amp(s) to match it.

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