Logitech accessorises PSP


Accessories: gotta love them. And e3 is a perfect excuse to wheel out some goods which aim to add a little fashion to your gaming experience. Logitech, who is also releasing a whole lot of accessories for the PS2 and Xbox, is making a determined blitz on PSP accessories. Items include Playgear Mod Headphones (going for £19.99) featuring 30 mm neodymium drivers and soft gel-like rings to pad out the pressure to your ears, and the Logitech PlayGear Street Carrying Case(also £19.99), a specially designed bag for your PSP. The case will hold up to 3 UMDs, as well as four memory sticks and, of course, your PSP.

The final item being touted is a screen cover (going for £6.99) which prevents screen scratching, and that will still allow your PSP to fit in the original value box it came in. These items are due out in the UK in July, a little early for a September PSP release, but I guess it never hurt to be a little early.

Chris Cornwell
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