Radica's PSP accessories range


Once again a company offers more finely
crafted paraphernalia for the elusive Sony console, this time it’s Radica and
the new
black◊ range. This a pretty wide selection that covers most needs in the
home and on the road plus the design adequately mimics that of the PSP itself.
First up is the Home Station, which combines a recharge unit and incorporates a
set of speakers. It’s a good idea but hardly unique so we’ll have to leave it to
price and sound quality to set this station aside from the others available. A
bit more exciting is the Car Station; no speaker set on this one, but there is
the car power adapter and it will fit either into a cup-holder or suction onto
a flat surface like the dashboard or window.

The Comfort Grips may prove useful: aside
from their obvious gripping role, they serve to protect the PSP in some way whilst
on the move and also make a decent stand for the unit, I’m not sure how much
these do to ward off the onset of RSI though. If you’re running short on juice
then you can get back up to speed with the battery pack. It packs in 3x the
power and fortunately has a safety shutdown so it doesn’t fry your console by
overcharging it.

Finally Radica throws in a selection of
protective gear that offers a similar build quality and design to others already
in the market so we’ll have to wait on the price to compare properly. You can
pop UMDs in their own little case and the PSP into a matching one, the protek2,
which has a transparent window for seeing what track you’re on without fishing
it out. There’s also a Form Fit case to keep your buttons pristine whilst you

The Radica black◊
range will become available in September as I guess there is very little point
in releasing it before then. We’ll keep you posted if there is any further word
on prices.

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