24Mbps Broadband to hit the UK


 Wow, the days of 56k are a long way behind
us now. If you’ve started to become impatient at the minimal delays experienced
on the current fastest, 8Mbps, broadband then Be will have no trouble satisfying
your internet cravings. Using ADSL2+ technology, Be co-founder, Boris Ivanovic
is promising the fastest broadband experience commercially available, “there is
no reason to drag out the increase in speed and launch in steps of 1Mb or 2Mb
when the capability is there to offer the maximum speeds available”. We like
the way you think Boris and this should prove a very beneficial step forward
for streaming internet television. It should be noted that actual speeds are also
dependent on the quality of cabling near your house and the distance to the
router so it is not very surprising that London will be the first lucky city
to sample this broadband fiesta anticipated in about 3 month’s time.


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