Gaming phone that may even work

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I was once an unfortunate owner of an
N-Gage; not the proudest moment of my life and one I’m glad to have put behind
me, yet I still like the idea of a dedicated gaming phone. To make a gaming
phone seems simple, first make it a good phone, then make it good for gaming.
Sounds basic but Nokia managed to fall on its face on both counts with the
N-Gage. With that in mind let’s take a look at Korean operator, KTF‘s concept
of the gaming phone. This is the Samsung GPANG, which is possibly the best name
for a phone in recent years. Other details are scant as yet but a very
entertaining video found on the link below gives a good impression of the how it
manages to be a gaming device and look decent as a phone. Better yet it seems
to have some fairly original games for it. Expect to see plenty more details on
the GPANG as they emerge here and on our indispensable sister-blog, Games

via Akihabara News

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