WATCH: GTA5 zombie mod

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Los Santos has been invaded by zombies in this latest mod by game hacker Chr0m3xMoDz. He's switched the game to a first-person perspective and given everything a green tint... and told the pedestrians to behave like the undead. And you know what... this looks like a game I'd like to play. Given the proliferation of…

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Hide your brains! Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode confirmed

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

In what Activision are admitting is one of the worst kept secrets in gaming history, the company have confirmed that their forthcoming FPS blockbuster Call of Duty: Black Ops will once again have an undead-blasting zombie mode. First featured in…

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Dead Rising 2 European and Australian release date pushed ahead of the rest of the world

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Dead Rising 2, the zombie slaughter-fest set in a fictitious version of gambler's heaven Las Vegas, has just had its European and Australian release dates pushed forward. Gamers in those territories will now be able to dismember the undead…

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iPhone iPad App Store Round-Up: Zombies, comics and more!

Gerald Lynch Apple, Features, iPad, iPad apps, iPhone, iPhone apps, Round ups, Tech Digest news 3 Comments

Zombies and superheroes hit Apple's App Store this week in a number of apps. As you await the inevitable apocalypse that this will cause, why not have a butchers at all the other stuff hitting the app store this week,…

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Top Ten Must-See 3D films of 2010

Gerald Lynch 3D TV, Features, Gallery, Round ups, Tech Digest news 6 Comments

While all eyes are focussed on 3D TV this year, a fat lot of good they will be if all the 3D content that hits them is rubbish. In that sense, it's an incredibly important year for 3D cinema, giving…

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Plants vs. Zombies headed to the iPhone

Gerald Lynch Gaming, iPhone, iPhone apps, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

PopCap's hit Plants vs. Zombies PC game is headed to the iPhone. According to PopCap, the game " challenges you to defend your house from encroaching zombies striving to reach your front door to eat your brains. Choose from an…

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Capcom challenges you to find body parts in central London

Duncan Geere Competitions & Promotions, Gaming Leave a Comment


Fan of Resident Evil 5? Fan of body parts? Fan of central London? Combine your passions tomorrow morning, Thursday March 12th, as Capcom leaves miscellaneous body parts strewn around the area near Trafalgar Square.

Entrants will be required to find as many body parts as possible, and take them to Westminster bridge by 11am, where you have to hold them over your head and shout “Kijuju!”. Points will be allocated for each body part found – 2 for an arm, 2 for a leg, 3 for a torso and 5 for a head.

The players with the most points at 11am win a “trip of a lifetime” to Africa. Tech Digest will be there in force, trying to win it for ourselves, so we’ll see you there!

(via Capcom)

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