Dead Rising 2 European and Australian release date pushed ahead of the rest of the world

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Dead Rising 2, the zombie slaughter-fest set in a fictitious version of gambler’s heaven Las Vegas, has just had its European and Australian release dates pushed forward. Gamers in those territories will now be able to dismember the undead horde from Friday 24th September on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and September 28th on PC.

North American and Japanese release dates remain unchanged at September 28th and September 30th respectively.

Set several years after the Willamette outbreak of the first title, zombie attacks now go unchecked across the whole of the United States in Dead Rising 2. With brand new weapons, improved checkpointing, a co-op mode and even more zombies on-screen at once, it’s looking like many of the predecessor’s failings have been addressed here.

We’ll have a full review closer to the game’s release date.

Gerald Lynch
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