Samsung Tablet to get its official debut at IFA 2010

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Next month’s IFA tech conference in Berlin will see the lid lifted on Samsung’s tablet PC, with proceedings kicking off on September 3rd.

“We will showcase our latest Smart TV and interchangeable lens camera models at the show,” South Korean newspaper JoonAng Daily quotes a Samsung source as revealing. “We will also showcase our tablet PC for the first time officially.”

Though it’s not official confirmation that the tablet will be on show, IFA has a good track record for delivering high-profile product launches, so it’d be a good bet that it will pop up in Berlin.

Samsung’s tablet, known so far as the Galaxy Tape, sPad and Tab, is rumoured to be a 7 inch touchscreen device with a Super-AMOLED screen, running Android 2.2 on a 1.2GHz A8 processor. Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz interface is also expected to feature.

We’ll have more news on the Samsung tablet should it rear its head at IFA next month.

Via: JoonAng Daily

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